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The Venezuelan Church's Response to the Kindness of the Saints

by GFBC Elders on May 18, 2020

We wanted to share the following response from Pastor Plinio Orozco in Venezula.  Thank you for your kindness and support of the saints in need.  They have just delivered the first round of food to the families in need and he sent the following update:


The grace of the Lord be with each one of you my beloved brothers.

Our desire is to inform you through this email about the wonderful things that God is doing with his people in Venezuela.

They have been quite difficult years for the church in Venezuela. Food shortages, shortages of medicines, difficulties with gas, water and electricity. Lack of public transportation, among many other things.

Although we have lost many things and have not received others, we want to tell you that none of these difficult situations has robbed us of our relationship with the Lord. As the problems increase, our relationship with the Lord increases. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. In fact, in the darkest moments, the Sovereignty and love of God is clearer to us.

The word of God is not bound. The difficulties are many, but our lips have not closed to proclaiming the good news of salvation.

By this I just want to tell you that every prayer you have made to the Lord for us has been answered. In Venezuela you will find a church in the midst of difficulties, but at the same time you will find a strengthened church and a church that is maturing every day.

We owe all these forces to the Lord, since by ourselves it would be impossible to stay on our feet. We give Glory to the Lord who has strengthened us through his Spirit and we thank the Lord's people in different parts of the world who have remembered us.

In addition to all this we want to inform you that this May with part of the offering that you have sent we were able to help 8 families of our church. Families of believers who joyfully received your offering.

When we contacted some of these families, crying was unavoidable when we saw their empty refrigerators. Some had little weight on their bodies due to poor nutrition. They testified that the food we gave them were answered prayers.

We could not get all the photographs since many of them do not have cell phones with a camera. But they asked me to communicate that they are very grateful to the Lord for having used them as an instrument to bless us in this way.

In a few weeks we will return to deliver more food to each of these families. We have mobilized to find the best prices and thus wisely manage the offering sent to us. The food we bought included carbohydrates and protein.

A team from our church mobilized to buy food, others are making calls to do everything possible to deliver it in the midst of quarantine. Right now we are facing gasoline shortages, but despite that we were able to deliver food without problems. The Lord has been with us.

Dear brothers, although we do not know the faces of many of you, our beloved God does know you, for this we thank the Lord for your lives and we wish to strengthen you, guide you and bless you much more.

In this email you will find some photographs of the food we bought this month. Also you will find some of the families to whom some of the food was delivered. The other photographs we could not send since, as mentioned above, many do not have camera phones.

Thank you for helping the Lord's people in Venezuela.

Plinio R. Orozco
Iglesia Bautista Reformada Trono de Gracia