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by on December 21, 2020

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Our brothers and sisters down in Venezuela are suffering greatly in many ways. 

The complications from the virus have greatly affected all of us, but the situation has put a unique strain upon the church in Venezuela.

 Pastor Plinio Orozco shared more on his situation with us recently:

Our Blessed and Wise God continue to pour out his grace on each of you.

We will always be grateful to the Lord for your lives, for being so generous and for supporting us in difficult times. We serve a generous God who does not spare even his own son, and his people are very much like him when we are generous. And this is a reality in your church. Thank you for so much love shown towards us.

Periods of adversity, financial or otherwise, do not take God by surprise. He knows everything that is going on in our world. He also knows what is to come. He has orchestrated everything to fulfill his eternal redemptive purposes, and to glorify Himself.

God cares about how adverse circumstances affect the lives of his children. Those circumstances can be intense and painful at times, but there is no need for them to overwhelm us or steal our peace. In fact, ultimately, anything that makes us need God is a blessing! Crises can provide opportunities for God's people to flourish spiritually and lead others to Christ, who is our only Rock and hope, not just in the present time, but for all eternity.

The Lord has strengthened our souls through all these difficult years and through you He has strengthened our bodies.
There are many needs that arise each week in our nation. The instability in our country is constantly and we must adapt to each situation and ask God for wisdom to face them. In recent months our economy suffered a very strong blow and that caused more unemployment than we already have and much panic in the nation.

But the most relevant needs in the families of our churches are faced by those brothers who are elderly, families with children and finally families of our church that are made up of brothers who suffer from severe health problems, which requires very expensive treatments. and a good diet.

For this reason, we ask for your support these days, in order to continue supporting these families who have children between 2 and 7 years of age, the elderly and other siblings who require somewhat expensive treatments and of course a good diet.

Another need that has arisen in the last 4 months is the absence of some brothers in the public service because they do not have enough money for a bus ticket to attend the service. And although as a church we have organized ourselves to support all these brothers, unfortunately our resources are not enough.

Pray a lot for the church in Venezuela so that in the midst of all this darkness we can continue to faithfully preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. May Christ continue to be our joy and may all these situations prepare us to reach the heavenly homeland.

"Have great joy, my brothers, when you find yourself in various trials, knowing that the trial of your faith produces patience, and that patience has its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, without missing anything", Santiago 1: 2-4.

Plinio R. Orozco


Iglesia Bautista Reformada Trono de Gracia
Cell: +58 424.134.6028

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-Write Venezuelan Church in the notes when you give


 Pastor Plinio Orozco and his wife Katherine Castillo 

Plinio Orozco pastors Inglesia Bautista Reformada Trono de Gracia in Caracas, Venezuela along with pastor Rubén Contreras. 

Pastor Rubén Contreras and his wife Karina Briceño and their two daughters

Reformada Trono de Gracia fully subscribes to the 1689 Confession of Faith and they also support the education of local pastors through their theological academy.


The church has between 150-200 in attendance each Sunday and both pastors volunteer their services to the church while working additional jobs so that they can provide the saints with the ordinary means of grace each Lord’s Day. 

They have also planted another Reformed Baptist Church five hours from their city.  Since it is currently without a pastor, they are also helping to support the members of that church.


Grace Family Baptist Church supports the Venezuelan church on a monthly basis, but the needs of these saints have grown over the past two months.  We are encouraging others to give to this worthy cause. Please consider helping these believers during this time.  The church has several families that are unable to afford food and the economic situation has hindered the church from being able to assist these families.

 Let’s all remember our reformed brothers and sisters that are being affected right now.  All funds that are raised will go directly to the local church for the purpose of supporting the reformed saints in Venezuela.

Support them through this link:


-Write Venezuelan Church in the notes when you give


Here is a video to learn more about the church and their situation.  Use the closed caption option see the video translated: 

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-Write Venezuelan Church in the notes when you give