Praying Backwards: Sunday School Series

Praying Backwards: Sunday School Series

Every Sunday, from 01/02/2022 to 03/06/2022, 9:40 AM - 10:40 PM

Join us each week as Paster Frye walks though Brian Chapell study: "Praying Backwards".

From the author:

Christians often say, "In Jesus' name" to close their prayers. But is this truly a desire of the heart or a perfunctory "Yours Truly" to God? Bryan Chapell says we should begin our prayers in Jesus' name-we should be Praying Backwards. In this practical and inspiring book, he shows readers that to truly pray in Jesus' name is to reorder one's priorities in prayer-and in life-away from oneself and towards Jesus and his kingdom. It is to pray believing in the power and the goodness of the One who hears, and thus to pray boldly, expectantly, and persistently.

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