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We will be streaming Sunday School and the service on Sunday since numerous authorities have asked or ordered that there be no meetings larger than ten.  Therefore, we will not be meeting corporately, instead we will offer the Sunday School and the service via the Internet.  You can watch both them here. They will be at their normal times: Sunday School at 9:40 A.M. and the service at 10:50 A.M.




As elders we didn't come to this conclusion easily or quickly.  We spent some time thinking through our situation.  Anytime we are commanded by the authorities not to meet should be a time of great contemplation for the church.  Is this a circumstance like Acts 5 where we should obey God rather than man or is this a circumstance like Romans 13 where we should be subject to the governing authorities over us?  Certainly this requires consideration.  

Since the governing authorities are requiring all meetings larger than ten cease and not merely putting such restrictions upon churches or Christian gatherings, we don't believe that this is persecution.  Additionally, with the information that continues to go out, we believe that the guidance that the authorities are giving is reasonable and prudent given the gravity of the situation.  We believe that holding off of pubic meetings, although it is difficult, is the right choice because of the danger that Covid-19 virus is to certain people within our population.  This is an excellent way to love our neighbors.  In fact there is even a history of evangelical churches responding this way during the time of the Spanish Flu.

Please use this time wisely.  During this time when many things are slowing and much has changed even in the last week, remember that Jesus is still sovereignly sitting upon His throne.  The Lord does not fret and he has decreed all that shall come to pass.  Let's use this time to glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and remember that this world is not our home.  Make much of this time, allowing the Word and the Sprit to work within you even though your schedules and routines have changed.  We know that all things work for the good of those who are called in Christ Jesus, therefore we know with confidence that the Lord will use even this for our good.

We hope that all of you will make preparations to join us on Sunday morning and we greatly look forward to the time when we can gather together once again as a church.


Soli Deo Gloria,


The Elders

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