Update from Costa Rica

    03.01.19 | Articles Missions by Adrián Passarelli

    I want to let you know that soon will be the establishment of the first membership in Liberia.  Sunday the 10th of March will be the meeting where the new members sign the covenant.  25 people from Barranca are going to that day, and near 10 from Los Lagos, and also other brothers invited to the service. That will be a special day for the church to praise God for the mercy with this city of lifting there a testimony of sound doctrine and faith.
    Please, join us in prayers for this day. God bless the Word preached, and bring growth to the believers and also bring to repentance those have no faith.
    With love in Christ,
    Pastor Adrián Passarelli
    Iglesia de la Gracia del Señor Jesucristo - 
    Barranca - Costa Rica