When does Pastor Voddie preach?

I plan to visit in the future and would like to know if Pastor Voddie will be preaching?

We don't actually give out information about our preaching schedules.  There are several reasons for this, but we will just give you a couple of the more prevalent ones:

  1. Our preaching schedule changes often and sometimes on very short notice.  This makes it difficult for us to let people know when Voddie is preaching as opposed to another Elder.  We would hate for someone to schedule to be here to hear him and then have a schedule change which prevents him from preaching at GFBC.
  2. To guard the flock against our church becoming a "cult of personality", the elders at GfBC make it a policy not to release this information.  Pastor Voddie is a gifted speaker, but our desire is to have people here to hear the Word of God and not just a man.  Our intent is to preach the Word of God and edify His church regardless of who is in the pulpit.  

We do hope you understand and don't take that the wrong way.  We love having guests, but have chosen not to give out information about who is going to be in the pulpit from Sunday to Sunday.