What does a typical Sunday Morning Look Like?

What does a typical Sunday Morning look like for GFBC?

GFBC currently meets in the Gym at North Houston Seventh Day Adventist Church.

9:30 AM - Family integrated Sunday School / 1689 Class & New Members 

We run one Sunday School class for the entire church.  During that class we will cover a topic for book for many weeks.  It is at this time that we also run our London Baptist Confession of 1689 class every quarter.  This class is required for membership at GFBC

10:50 AM - Worship Service

At 10:50 we move into the sanctuary (the gym) to begin our service.  We begin with a call to worship followed by a hymn (we sing hymns from the Trinity Baptist Hymnal with a smattering of newer songs, all chosen based on theological content, not style).   

We then move into our Pastoral Prayer.  After our prayer time, one of our young men will lead in our responsive reading (questions from the catechism, one of the historic creeds, etc.). We then sing several more hymns with Old Testament and New Testament readings mixed in prior to our sermon.  A typical sermon at GFBC will last between 45 and 55 minutes  

After the sermon we take we have a time of family prayer and confession.  This is a time to prepare our hearts before we partake of the Lord’s supper (every week).  We also bring our gifts to the offering table and give each family the opportunity to pray over the offering.  Then we take the Lord’s Supper (open to all who have been baptized as believers and in good standing with their local church).

1:00 PM - Fellowship Meal

After the Lord’s Supper, we fellowship while the kitchen is prepared, then we share a fellowship meal.  During this time, children play, our members admonish one another (all through informal discussion and Q&A around the meal table).  We also answer questions from visitors.

2:30 PM - Coporate Prayer Service (Q&A on 4th Sunday)

At around 2:30, we close up our fellowship meal and begin a corporate prayer service.  We pray for members of GfBC, evangelism efforts, and other churches in our area.  On the last Sunday of every month we have an informal Q&A for the elders to go over any new information with the body and for the members to ask any questions they may have over the direction or teaching of the church.