What do you do with kids from non-christian homes?

Most of the kids in our youth group come from non-christian homes. What does the FIC do with them?

This issue is a product of the youth ministry structure.  The reason most youth ministries are filled with unchurched teens from unchurched families is that the structure attracts teens and not families.  As a result, this phenomenon is unusual in FIC circles.  We rarely see unattached teens.  However, when we do, there are several differences in the way we proceed.

First, the FIC model promotes inter-generational fellowship.  Thus, teens who come to our church will likely have come with a family who has shown them hospitality and not with other teens who know them in isolation.  As a result, the FIC model presents a ready-made environment for inter-generational interaction.

Second, at GFBC we believe teens are young men and women, not big children.  Thus, we believe the most important relationships they can have are not those with other teens, but with older adults.  Teens will rise to the level of behavior expected of them.  If we place them in a room filled with carnal teens, they are not likely to mimic the behavior of responsible adults.

Finally, teens from non-Christian homes need their parents to be reached and influenced.  Because the FIC model involves these teens in meaningful relationships with families, there is a natural connection between families in our church who are ministering to the teen and the family who needs to be reached with the gospel.