What about singles?

Does your family discipleship focus (and emphasis on fathers) alienate singles/single moms?

Absolutely not!  In fact, the opposite is true.  This question has several underlying assumptions:

Assumption #1 - FIC Sermons Focus on ‘Families’

The truth is GFBC is committed to ‘systematic exposition.’  In other words, we preach through the Bible systematically.  We start with a book or large segment in the Bible and work our way through verse by verse.  This way we teach “the whole council of God” and not just the latest hot topic.  This way every believer gets what he or she needs regardless of situation in life.

Assumption #2 - The Family Discipleship Emphasis Excludes Singles

The truth is our emphasis on family discipleship is truly an emphasis on discipleship ‘in the home.’  Everyone lives in a home and should learn how to get into the word in that home whether they live alone or with a spouse and five children.  Moreover, there are many other discipleship opportunities at GFBC.

Assumption #3 - The Emphasis on Traditional Families Alienates Single Mothers

The truth is children growing up in single parent homes need the same thing every other child needs. The FIC offers a place for single moms to expose their children to godly male role models who are doing and being exactly what she wants her children to become.  Single moms also have the benefit of a strong deacon ministry designed to minister to their special needs.

Assumption #4 - The Emphasis on Training Fathers Excludes Single Men

The truth is fathers are not a separate, or special breed of man.  Fatherhood is simply a context in which biblical manhood is expressed.  The tools needed to be a godly husband and father are the same tools needed to be a godly man.  The FIC is about training men and women to thrive in their biblical roles whether they marry or not.

Assumption #5 - The FIC Doesn’t Offer Activities for Singles

The truth is we offer a number of activities for singles.  We just don’t offer activities that set singles apart in segregated, isolated settings.  Our Institute offers discipleship for all believers.  Our home groups study materials that singles need to learn.  More importantly, singles can learn from (and teach) married adults.    

Assumption #6 - Singles Will Feel Pressured to Get Married

The truth is the high view of marriage at GFBC is just as likely to elicit higher levels of caution in single adults considering marriage.  Our emphasis on biblical courtship, biblical manhood and womanhood, and multigenerational faithfulness means the bar is set high for marriage.  Thus, one could argue that there would be less pressure to just ‘get married.’  Although we would hope that a church filled with men and women striving to grow in grace and exemplify biblical marriage would ignite a godly desire for marriage in all those who have not been called by our Lord to a life of singleness.