Gay is Not the New Black

This article originally appeared on the Gospel Coalition Website. It's hard to deny that homosexual marriage appears to be a foregone conclusion in America. This is a frightening prospect not only for those of us who understand marriage to be a testimony of the relationship between Christ and his ...

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Why Ron Paul?

"Voddie, because I have a great respect for you and your opinion I would really like to know why you are voting for Ron Paul ? I have not liked some of the things I have heard him say and I am wondering if I missed something?" -Pamela Wolfe (via Facebook ...

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Occupy Wallstreet Assessed

Mark Mellinger, evening news anchor for WANE-TV in Fort Wayne, Indiana, interviews Pastor Voddie regarding the "Occupy Movement".  For other resources on Worldview, try these resources:     

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Govt. Education & the The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

If you think government education is ‘benign’, think again.  Our school systems are insidious places .  There is no such thing as morally neutral, or theologically neutral education.  All education is discipleship, and every educator is a discipler.  Moreover, no matter where you live, and no matter how many “Christian” teachers ...

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Showdown with Abortionists Coming to My Town

According to a CNSNews story, “A coalition of pro-life advocates and religious leaders plan to gather in Houston on Jan. 18 to oppose what is expected to be the largest abortion clinic in the country.” I’ve known about this looming atrocity for quite some time.  I have been working ...

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