New GFBC Church Plant in North Houston (Part Three)

Although we have little doubt that there is a need for new church plants, we are not Naïve concerning the potential advantages and disadvantages of launching a new work.   As such, we are trying to walk into this endeavor with our eyes wide open.  We are also working hard ...

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New GFBC Church Plant in North Houston (Part Two)

The Need for New Churches Of all the options available to us --multiple services, bigger buildings, satellites, and church plants-- we have chosen to plant a new church. As stated in part one, it is not our contention that all of the other options are necessarily wrong in every circumstance ...

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New GFBC Church Plant in North Houston (Part One)

Word is out about the new GFBC church plant that is scheduled to launch January 31, 2010.  GFBC launched on April 7, 2006, just over three and a half years ago.  However, since then, we have seen significant growth.  Most of that growth has occurred in the past year.  A ...

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Important New Book

Paul Renfro, my fellow elder at Grace Family Baptist Church, has joined with Timothy Jones (editor), Brandon Shields, and Jay Strother to write a very important book.  Perspectives on Family Ministry, takes a careful look at the very important question, “How should the church organize it’s efforts to disciple ...

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Catch Voddie Baucham Messages on Sermon Audio

The folks over at sermonaudio have been very gracious to me.  They contacted me a few months ago about the possibility of posting my messages on their site.  I was honored, intrigued, and way too busy.  However, I have since found time and help (thanks to the media team at ...

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Family Driven Faith En Espanol

I have been amazed by the number of requests from Spanish-speakers to have Family Driven Faith translated into Spanish.  Unfortunately, Crossway does not have the ability to do the translation in-house.  Therefore, the only hope was for another publisher to buy the rights to do the translation.  Well... that just ...

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