Meeting with the Elders

Can I come and spend some time with your elders?

This is one of the most popular questions we receive.  Because our culture sees our model as so unique many people want to come and ask questions.  That is why we host a campus visit once every quarter.  This gives those who would like to ask those questions a forum for doing so, while allowing our elders to spend most of their Sundays with our own body.  If someone comes during our campus visit there are several great opportunities to ask questions both of members and of the elders of GFBC.  

We cannot guarantee (and are actually disinclined to allow) meetings with our elders at other times during the year.  Why?  When people come and take the time of our elders during our fellowship meal or at other times during the week, it actually takes away from the primary responsibility our elders have: to shepherd this flock and their own families.  

Here are some of the things that you might experience during one of our campus visits:

Saturday Leadership Training Class - Sit in on the Leadership training that we offer at our church for those who desire to plant, become pastors, or lead out in other ministries at GFBC and beyond.  This class is a two year intensive for those desiring leadership in the church. You will be able to attend a session of this class and listen at the GfBC elders help train those desiring to serve.  This training class is for men only. 

Saturday Evening - Spend Saturday evening in one of the homes of our GFBC members.  Experience Biblical Hospitality and Family Worship while getting to know those who make up the local body of GFBC.  This is a great opportunity to have questions answered and to learn more about the church from those who attend.

Sunday Morning Worship - On Sunday morning, come and see what makes up a GFBC service.  You will have the opportunity to worship with your family in a "Kingdom Minded, Christ Exalting, Multigenerational community of Faith".  Following the service, you will have the opportunity to fellowship with other believers during our fellowship meal.

Sunday Afternoon Q&A - Following our fellowship meal, campus visit participants will have the opportunity to sit in a Q&A session with the elders of GFBC and our Conroe Church plant.  This is an opportunity to ask any questions that have not been answered over the weekend.