Church Life in the Second and Third Centuries

Part 8 of an overview of church history. Pastor Stephen looks at initiation, assemblies, and chuech life in general during the second and third centuries.

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The Fathers of the Old Catholic Church


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The Church and the Roman Empire

Part 4 of an overview of church history. Mr. Wright looks at several of the important characters and works that were important during the Christianity’s interaction with the Roman Empire.

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The Sub-Apostolic Age

Part 3 of an overview of church history. Mr. Frye discusses some of the background, personalities, and literature of the Sub-Apostolic Age.

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Overview and Introduction to Church History

Pastor Stephen opens our new series on church history with an overview of the events we will cover.

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The Conflict of Evangelism

Pastor Voddie addresses the conflict that those who seek to evangelize often meet with; disbelief in the resurrection.**NOTE** Part one of this series will hopefully become available within seven days. Thank you for your patience.

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