Meaning vs. Application

Mr. Wright addresses the common pitfall of carelessly applying the "face-value" meaning Bible verses without considering the textual and historical context in which it was written.

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Is There A Hidden Spiritual Meaning?

Mr. Wright discusses the issue of extracting secret, spiritual meaning out of a scriptural passage that is not plainly revealed in the text.

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Studying the Bible: Sentences

Mr. Wright teaches us a grammar lesson on sentence structure that help us mine for the truths found in the individual sentences in Scripture.

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The Interpretive Journey

Pastor Stephen gives us the five steps of proper biblical interpretation.

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Idolatrous Atheism/Conclusion

The final installment of a 9-week series on basic presuppositional apologetics. Pastor Stephen wraps up by showing how atheism is idolatry, summarizes the reason for our study in apologetics, and gives a teaser for the next series.

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