The Life and Teachings of Augustine

Pastor Stephen covers the important events and progression of thinking over the life of Augustine.

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The Council of Chalcedon

Mr. Wright details the events that led up to the council of Chalcedon in the first century. As with many early church controversies, the deity of Christ is a primary topic.

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The Personalities in the Fourth Century Church

Part 10 of an overview of church history. Mr. Wright discusses the primary doctrinal issues addressed in the fourth century church, the primary one being the divinity of Christ.

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The Development of the Third Century Church

Part 9 of an overview of church history. Mr. Holmes discusses several of the main characters important to the third-century church.

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Church Life in the Second and Third Centuries

Part 8 of an overview of church history. Pastor Stephen looks at initiation, assemblies, and chuech life in general during the second and third centuries.

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The Fathers of the Old Catholic Church


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