Spiritual Gifts: Let Us Use Them

Debates about Spiritual Gifts abound in the modern church. How has the "charismatic movement" and program driven "spiritual gift inventories" shaped our understanding of the use of Spiritual Gifts? Our use of the gifts must be in accordance with the Word of God. This sermon focuses on how we are to use the Spiritual Gifts that we have been given....

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Sober Judgment

Immediately after the discussion on renewing our minds, scripture focuses on the implications of that in our own lives by viewing ourselves rightly. As we view ourselves rightly, it will affect how we participate in the body by using our spiritual gifts....

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Modern Spirituality and Your Mind

Have you ever asked someone for advice about a specific situation only to receive the cliché response: "Just pray and the Lord will give you a "peace" about what you should do." Is that really a Biblical response? How does that fit in with Romans 12:2 which says that we are supposed to have our "minds" engaged in what we ......

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