Letter From Pastor Josh

date Apr 16, 2014
author Joshua Loyd topics & issues Church Plant, GfBC News

Church Family,

I have talked during the service and prayer meetings as well as individually with many of you about our church planting work. This next Sunday April 20th will be our last Lord's Day worship with you, our dear brothers and sisters in Christ at GFBC (as members at least...we do plan on visiting and keeping up!). April 27th I will be preaching at West Oaks Baptist Church and then on May 4th we will have an official joining of our church-plant group to that body as they reconstitute and we join together under a new Covenant and Constitution. We will try and organize an official sending from GFBC at our business meeting the first week of May.

As I look back over the past 6 years fellowshipping with you as well as the past year as we have sought the Lord's will concerning a church plant in Bryan I am amazed at the mercies of God through all that time. Janiece and I have grown in our walks with Christ as we have walked beside you these past 6 years. We have laughed and cried and marveled together at the wonders of our Savior. You have helped us through many difficulties and joys. It was among you that we found comfort when our Malachi lay in the hospital near death. It was with your love and care that we joyfully welcomed 6 children into our home. You have supported us through births and adoptions. You have ministered to us and encouraged us in our roles as husband and wife, father and mother, brother and sister in Christ. It was your teaching, admonition, encouragement and confirmation that has seen me (Joshua) blessed to serve Christ in a way I never expected, as a pastor of his church. It was the proclamation and demonstration of the truths of God's Word among you that brought Janiece and I to a deeper understanding of the gospel. We can never fully express our delight and gratitude that you played such a role by God's will through His Spirit.

We also marvel to see God's hand in bringing about this adventure on which we now embark. When we set out a year ago to explore the possibility of a church plant in Bryan we had no idea where we would end up. Would God bless that effort? Would God say 'no' to our desire for a church plant? We have prayed and you have prayed and God has answered those prayers. Thank you for joining with us so diligently in lifting us before the throne of grace! We ask that you continue to pray for us even as you will always be in our prayers. Let us pray and marvel together at the good that God has so surely determined for those who love him!

This work in Bryan is of necessity a parting but hopefully a joyful one even if mixed with many tears. We desire greatly to continue to enjoy your support even as we have enjoyed your prayers these past months. As a part of that support and fellowship we would like to invite any of you who are able to set aside time to plan to join us in Bryan for a work day together with the members of the newly constituted West Oaks. This will be on Saturday, May 17th and will involve some basic repairs to the building and care for the grounds. This will also give you a chance to see first hand what you have labored in so faithfully in your prayers! If you are able to come and have any particular gifting in some sort of craft or trade let me know and we can plan ahead to make good use of that. If you can barely hold a paintbrush like me you are encouraged to come as well! We look forward to the time of work and fellowship. May God continue to strengthen you in the wisdom of his grace!

In Christ,