GfBC Releases New Website

date Sep 22, 2011
author Grace Family Baptist Church topics & issues GfBC News

This weekend, Grace Family Baptist Church is releasing a new version of the website.  

For several years, the need for a new website has been something that was desired by the church.  But over the last few months enough things fell into place that the church was able to make it happen.  

As our society spends more time on the web and as the influence of GFBC has grown, having a better organized and user friendly website to disseminate information became a much higher priority.

Research was begun in April and GFBC contracted with FiveQ Communications to scrap the website and build it from the ground up.  FiveQ has built many websites for prominent ministries such as: Truth for Life, Revive Our Hearts, The Moody Church, and more.

FiveQ first began by developing a survey that was sent out the members, elders, and those outside the body of GFBC who use the website.  The survey provided much needed clarity and information about what different groups desired to see on the site.  

From there, they were able to began working on wireframes and mockups which were approved by the GFBC elders.  

The next phase of the website began when construction on the new site began.  Several conference calls were held with the staff of FiveQ and some of the leadership of GFBC.  The company worked diligently to complete the massive project in a very short time.  

"This was one of the most pleasant experiences working with a company that I have had," said Pastor Stephen Bratton.  "FiveQ's staff was incredibly gracious, thoughtful, and service oriented.  Every time we came up with an idea that was outside the box, they explained to us how it could be accomplished and what it would take.  They gave us enough information to make wise decisions about how this website should function.  Thank you, FiveQ."