Family Driven Faith Conference - Indonesia

date Oct 14, 2011
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We recently received this email from Missionary Kyle Blaze regarding the "Family Driven Faith" conference scheduled for Indonesia in January.  Please be in prayer for these brothers:

Greetings in Christ,

My name is Mr. Blaze and I am currently serving the name of Christ in South East Asia (Indonesia). This land contains the largest population of Muslims (in concentration) in the world and represents several of the largest unreached people groups to date. A few months ago, I stopped into a local book stand and to my amazement, I saw the book "Faith Driven Family" (as it is translated here) written by Voddie Baucham staring back at me. It is not everyday that I see such solid books here.  Much of what comes from the United States is of the "Word of Faith" and "Health and Wealth" persuasions. 

In recent months I have been buying up these books and giving them to local pastors, church leaders, and influential men in an attempt to discuss with them its content concerning God's role for the family and the Gospel itself.  During these encounters I have been utterly shocked by the positive response from so many here concerning the book's content.

In the month of January Pastor Voddie Baucham will be traveling to Indonesia to speak to somewhere between 1,000 and 2,500 people at a "Faith Driven Family Conference."  During this conference Pastor Voddie will speak on the issues of "The role of the family in the discipleship of the next generation," "What is the gospel?" and several other topics.  During this event all in attendance will also be receiving a free copy of the book "Faith Driven Family."

Throughout this week Pastor Baucham and several others will also be preaching at three seperate churches in the area and traveling to the outer villages to meet with, hear from and pray with many of our persecuted brothers and sisters who continually serve the name of Christ in very difficult circumstances and situations. 

Will you please join us all in prayer as we are still in the midst of planning this week? Will you join us as we are now praying for all those who will come under such teaching? Will you pray most importantly that the Lord would move in our midst in the power of His Spirit and that He would be glorified in all that transpires within this ministry endeavor? 

A most pitiful creature,
Mr. Blaze

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