GfBC Location Change

Once a year Grace Family Baptist Church relocates to accomadate the congregation of the Seventh Day Adventist Church where we meet.  We generally try and make that weekend coincide with the Semper Reformanda conference.  However, this year we were unable to make those dates match. This Sunday—October 27, 2013—GfBC will meet at Hassler Elementary School located at 9325 Lochlea Ridge Dr, Spring, TX 77379.  Because of this location change, our schedule will also be adjusted.  There will be no 1689 or Sunday School classes.  We will also NOT have our fellowship meal following the service.  Our Worship service ...

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Join VBM for a Tour of Israel!

VBM IsraelDear Friends, Reading about the Grand Canyon and standing near the edge of it to gaze at its splendor are two different experiences. Similarly, walking in the very places we read about in the Scriptures is a unique, once in a lifetime experience. Imagine standing on Mount Olivet, the very place from which our Lord ascended, or riding a boat across the Sea of Galilee where he walked across the waters. Imagine kneeling in the Garden of Gethsemane and reading about our Lord praying with drops of blood on the night before his crucifixion. February 15-25, 2014 we will ...

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