2012 Campus Visit Schedule

date Nov 2, 2011
author Grace Family Baptist Church topics & issues Conferences, Visiting
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Each year, Grace family Baptist Church invites visitors to come and participate in a weekend of activities.  This opportunity gives our guests unique insite into how GFBC functions as a body.  During these visits a person, group, or family has the opportunity to be housed by a GFBC family, attend one of the leadership training classes with several of the men from GFBC, and participate in Sunday morning activities including Sunday School, Worship and the fellowship meal. After the fellowship meal, there is a Q&A with the Elders of GFBC in which the questions that people have from the weekend can be answered.  The campus visit schedule is listed below.  To sign up for one of these weekends, or for more information, email clerk@gracefamilybaptist.net.

2012 Campus Visit Weekends

January 20-22
April 20-22
July 20-22
*October 26-28 - Semper Reformanda Conference