Psalm 94

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An overlooked aspect of God's character is his vengeance.  Our God is one who does not look lightly on sin, but rather he will punish those who sin against Him.  This song, taken from Psalm 94, emphasize the judgment of God against those who wrong His people.  Make no mistake, our God will overthrow the wicked on the day of the vengeance of our God.

God of vengeance, O Jehovah,
God of vengeance, O shine forth!
Rise up, O You Judge of Nations!
Render to the proud their worth.
O LORD, how long shall the wicked,
How long shall the wicked boast?
Arrogant the words they pour out,
Ill men all, a taunting host.

They, Jehovah, crush Your people
And Your heritage distress;
They kill sojourner and widow,
Murder they the fartherless.
And they say, "Jehovah sees not;
Jacob's God does not have eyes."
Understand, O stupid people!
When, O fools, will you be wise?

Who the ear made, does He hear not?
Who formed eyes, does He not see?
Who warns nations, does He smite not?
Who men teaches, knows not He?
All the thoughts of men the LORD sees,
Knows that but a breath are they.
Blessed the man whom You chastise, LORD,
Whom You teach to know Your Way.

Give him rest from days of trouble,
Till the wicked be o'er-thrown.
Our LORD will not leave His people,
Will abandon not His own.
When to every verdict given
Justice shall come back again,
Everyone whose heart is upright
Will see righteous judgment then.

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