So Why All the labels?

The recent debate in the SBC (see here, here, here, and here) has stirred up a great deal of controversy.  Questions about who signed the document, who wrote the document, and who opposes the document have filled the blogosphere and the “tweetosphere”.  However, in all of this, there is a familiar refrain that simply will not subside.  “Why all the labels?” some ask.  “I don’t follow men; I follow Christ!” others exclaim.  While still others blame the labels (not the doctrinal distinctives they represent) for the entire matter.  But those bemoaning labels are guilty of begging the question.  They ...

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Why Ron Paul?

"Voddie, because I have a great respect for you and your opinion I would really like to know why you are voting for Ron Paul ? I have not liked some of the things I have heard him say and I am wondering if I missed something?" -Pamela Wolfe (via Facebook Fan Page) Since posting a passing comment on my Facebook fan page about Ron Paul, I have been inundated with questions and concerns about my support of the Texas Congressman in the current Republican Primary race. In one of my many political posts (frequently, I post videos, news articles, etc ...

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Is Christianity a Religion?

There is a common mantra that has been around for a while, but which seems to be picking up steam.  It goes like this:  “Christianity is not a religion; it’s a relationship.”  We’ve all heard it before.  However, how many of us have bothered to evaluate this ubiquitous saying? I believe we must do just that.  We must evaluate this mantra, and the syllogism by which it is frequently accompanied: Religion is man’s attempt to reach GodChristianity is God’s attempt to reach manTherefore, Christianity is not a religion. I believe this syllogism is not only invalid ...

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