A Detailed Response to Doug Brown’s Critique of the FICM

Doug Brown has joined a long list of pastors, professors, bloggers, theologians, and otherwise interested parties in writing a critique of the Family Integrated Church Movement (FICM).1   This critique comes from a “Fundamental Independent Baptist” perspective.  His motivation is the fact that “The (FICM) is having a growing impact within fundamental Baptist churches.”  Brown notes: Since the mid-1990s an increasing number of families within fundamental churches have gravitated toward the family-integrated approach. In addition, families entrenched in the movement have been drawn to fundamental churches because of their emphasis on Biblical preaching and conservatism.”2 And of course, like ...

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The Elephant in the Room

This past week a firestorm erupted over the recent “Elephant Room 2.”  The controversy centers around the decision to invite Bishop T.D. Jakes to participate in the event.  The central questions in the debate are 1) whether or not Bishop Jakes holds to the historic, orthodox doctrine of the Trinity, 2) whether it was appropriate to invite (and feature) him without first having clarified his position on this cardinal doctrine, and 3) whether he cleared up the matter.  I was scheduled to speak at Harvest Bible Chapel on the weekend following ER2 which raised significant questions about my stance ...

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Top Ten Reasons I May Not Have Answered Your Question (Part 1 of 2)

The questions continue to pile in. Most of the questions are fantastic. However, some of them are a bit, shall we say, off target. In fact, I’ll be doing a post later this month on “The Top Ten Reasons I May Not Have Answered Your Question.” Remember, the goal here is to honor Jesus Christ by “Equipping Believers to Walk in Truth.” As such, I try to pick questions that are broad, related to the nature and scope of my ministry, and common to a large cross-section of my audience. Therefore, don’t look for your specific question about ...

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