Voddie Baucham on Family Shepherds

date Jan 7, 2012
author Voddie Baucham topics & issues Family, Marriage, Men

Voddie Baucham equips men to model and transfer God’s truth within their homes, covering topics that span from marriage and parenting to media habits and overcoming difficult family dynamics.

Baucham recently sat down with Dane Ortlund to discuss his forthcoming new book, Family Shepherds. Watch the full video below, or jump ahead to one of these topics:

  • 0:22 – Voddie shares why he wrote Family Shepherds
  • 2:26 – TV’s portrayal of a man versus Scripture’s portrayal of a man
  • 5:05 – The influence of Titus on Voddie’s writing
  • 7:05 – What Voddie hopes will stick with you