The First Century Church

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Part 2 of an overview of church history. Mr. Wright highlights some of the most important events in the church during the first century.

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Important New Book

Paul Renfro, my fellow elder at Grace Family Baptist Church, has joined with Timothy Jones (editor), Brandon Shields, and Jay Strother to write a very important book.  Perspectives on Family Ministry, takes a careful look at the very important question, “How should the church organize it’s efforts to disciple children and teens?”  I am very excited about this project.  So many people have dismissed family integration as a “fad”, or an “overreaction” to specious data.  However, Southern Seminary professor, Timothy Jones, has taken the FIC seriously from the beginning, and this book makes it clear that the FIC is ...

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Fuller Youth Institute: Right Questions... Wrong Presuppositions

By Matthew Hudson   Recently, editors of Leadership Journal, Marshall Shelley and Brandon O'Brien, interviewed the executive director of the Fuller Youth Institute at Fuller Theological Seminary and a former youth pastor, Dr. Kara Powell (Ph.D., Fuller). It was so refreshing and encouraging to hear them ask one of the most critical questions effecting the church in our time. The question was asked in the title, "Is the Era of Age Segmentation Over?"   With the opening lines heralding the statistical verification that as many as eight out of ten of the most ministered-to generation are apostatizing, it is clear ...

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