James White on Dave Welch’s Worldnet Daily Article

date Dec 28, 2009
author Voddie Baucham topics & issues Ecclesiology, Theology

On December 22nd, my friend, Dave Welch of the Houston Area Pastor’s Council wrote an article defending the Manhattan Declaration.  Welsh’s article was a response to opposition in general (which would include me), and John MacArthur’s opposition in particular to the Declaration.

I addressed this issue in our December Newsletter.  One of the articles to which I linked was an article by one of my favorite apologists of all time, James White.  White’s article speaks for itself, however, this video response to Welch may help those of you who are having a hard time understanding why anyone would oppose a document like the Manhattan Declaration.  I appreciate Dr. White’s unique ability to handle the arguments of his opponents by presenting them in context, and in their most favorable light.  I have always considered him an exemplary model in this regard.  Whether he is dealing with the King James Only controversy, or responding to Norm Geissler on the doctrine of election, James White always does his homework and represents his opponents accurately (sometimes making their arguments better than they do).  This clip is no exception.  He reads a good portion of Welch’s article, and gives some of his background for context.

I hope you find this helpful.