July Walk in Truth Newsletter

  Walk in Truth Newsletter July 2011   In This Issue Featured Article Question of the Month Baucham Family News Event Update Family Discipleship Corner   Featured Article:  Catechism:  The Lost Tool of Family  Discipleship:  Part One,  by Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr. (From the upcoming book, Family Shepherds, due out in October from Crossway)   I cannot tell you exactly when I became familiar with the practice of catechizing children.  I can, however, tell you that it was after my days in seminary.  As a Southern Baptist pastor-in-training I learned a great deal about theology, preaching, Church history and many other subjects.  However, the ...

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Question of the Month: July 2011

Do you consider yourself a "Fundamentalist"?  - Anonymous I am delighted to have an opportunity to answer this question.   I get this question more than you might think.  Fundamentalists ask me this question because they've heard people call me a Fundamentalist, but have not seen evidence of it in my life and/or ministry.  Others ask me the question because they've heard media outlets (or liberal Christians) use the term to describe me and/or my ministry.   Fundamentalism vs. Reformed Evangelicalism.   The easy answer to this question is a resounding no!  I am absolutely not a Fundamentalist.  Moreover, any ...

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